Roza Eskenazi Pre-War Rembetiko & Traditional Songs

Eskenazi Roza
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Roza Eskenazi was a great Rebetiko singer who maintained a rich and long standing career that was accompanied by a rich discography that included, apart from many rebetiko songs, a large number of songs deriving from Greek tradition.

This publication is a critical account, which includes forty (40) different scores: twenty (20) come straight from her rebetiko repertoire of the pre-war period (1931-1937) with the rest deriving from her traditional songs repertoire, divided in two sets of ten (10) scores each, covering her pre-war (1933-1938) and post-war (1954-1955) periods. Each song is accompanied by a second score that includes all the variations that Eskenazi introduced.

The results that emerge from these transcriptions offer information about the quality of her voice, her technique and interpretation skills and her artistic evolution during those 25 years that are covered in this research

1. Introduction
Symbols that have been used
2. Roza Eskenazi – biography
Early life
Love – Marriage – Child
Acquaintance with Panagiotis Tountas
Career in Music
The decades 1960 to 1980
3. Scores
Pre-war Rebetiko songs
Lili i skandaliara / Scandalous Lily
Lili i skandaliara | Variations
Moderna Chira / A modern widow
Moderna Chira | Variations
Kokainopotis / Cocaine user
Kokainopotis | Variations
Chariklaki / Young Chariklia
Chariklaki | Variations
O Psillos / The flea
O Psillos | Variations
Katinaki mou gia sena / For you my little Katina
Katinaki mou gia sena | Variations
To kokoretsi / Kokoretsi
To kokoretsi | Variations
Trava vre magka kai Alani / Go away you bully and rascal
Trava vre magka kai Alani | Variations
To flytzani tou Gianni / Giannis’ mug
To flytzani tou Gianni | Variations
En taxei / Alright
En taxei | Variations
Vale me stin agkalia sou / Take me in your arms
Vale me stin agkalia sou | Variations
Ouzo – hasis / Ouzo - Hashish
Ouzo – hasis | Variations
Enas magkas ston teke mou / A bully in my joint
Despo mi vgaineis sto choro | Variations
Tou Psara o gios / The fisherman’s son
Tou Psara o gios | Variations
Lala aidoni mou glyka / Sing sweetly my nightingale
Lala aidoni mou glyka | Variations
Post-war Traditional Songs
Mpam mpoum pistolies / Bang bang gunshots
Ta omorfa chanoumakia / The sweet belly dancers
Ta omorfa chanoumakia | Variations
Feggaraki / Little moon
Feggaraki / Variations
Asimoneri / Silver water
Asimoneri | Variations
Htes se eida methysmeno / I saw you drunk yesterday
Htes se eida methysmeno | Variations
Glykia mou Poli / My sweet Istanbul (Poli)
Ela na se kano makia / Come here to kiss you
Ela na se kano makia | Variations
Tha methyso tha ta spaso / I will get drunk and I will smash them
Tha methyso tha ta spaso | Variations
Karagkouna | Variations
Pano se psili rachoula / Over on a high mountain
Pano se psili rachoula | Variations
Enas magkas ston teke mou | Variations
Me vrikes i se vrika / Did you find me or did I find you
Me vrikes i se vrika | Variations
Pali mou kaneis to vary / You play tough on me
Pali mou kaneis to vary | Variations
Giannakis / Little Giannis
Giannakis | Variations
To glyko fili / Sweet Kiss
To glyko fili | Variations
Fora ta mavra / Wear your black clothes
Fora ta mavra | Variations
Dimitroula mou / My little Dimitra
Dimitroula mou | Variations
Manoli kathise kala / Manoli be good
Manoli kathise kala | Variations
Pre-war Traditional Songs
Armenaki / Little Boat Sail
Armenaki | Variations
Echasa mantili / I lost a handkerchief
Echasa mantili | Variations
Sylivriano / Song from Silivri
Sylivriano | Variations
Kovo mia klara lemonia / I cut a lemon branch
Kovo mia klara lemonia | Variations
Soulimiotissa / A lady from Soulima
Soulimiotissa | Variations
Trygona / Turtle Dove
Trygona | Variations
I Rina / Rina
I Rina | Variations
Despo mi vgaineis sto choro / Despo don’t step into the dancing circle



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