Smirneika and pireotika rembetika (greek)

Vantarakis VassilisVoulgaris Evgenios
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This study makes a valuable contribution to the bibliography of rebetiko. Focusing on the period of the interwar rebetiko, this book contains a great number of musical transcriptions. This music material is not of course unknown, but it is the first time that it is systematically approached through the theoretical system of makam. Such a methodological novelty aims at highlighting the modal character of these compositions through an analysis and a codification of their melodic structures.

The first part of the book contains a practical guide for the introduction to the study of makams, as melodic structures, as well as a detailed commentary on the modal analysis of the selected repertoire. Based on the historical and musical affinity of the interwar rebetiko with part of the Ottoman urban musical tradition, and while moving away from the usual- within the rebetology- taxonomy of laikoi dromoi, this study privileges the use the Turkish theoretical system of makam as a systematic method of transcription that allows for an understanding of the repertoireï modal character. What was also important for such a methodological choice was its use of basic western staff notation that makes it widely accessible.

The main part of the book consists of 201 musical transcriptions.
Those are related to specific recordings of the interwar period of rebetiko, identified through the singer s name. Almost all the well known composers of this period are represented in this selection, with an emphasis put on less known songs and compositions exposing particularities in relation to their musical form, rhythm, the use of rare makams etc.

This rich study will be of great interest to both scholars and musicians attracted to the enchanting world of rebetika.

Written in Greek

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