Thread and Needle - Music for vocal ensemble

Mavroidi Martha
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Music for vocal ensemble | 14 original and traditional scores for vocal ensemble and choirs from Greece and The Balkan

Easy to read scores with romanized and translated lyrics

For choir conductors and members of choir ensemble

This is an edition of the scores of the 14 compositions included in the album "Thread and Needle".

The scores have been written so that they are easy to read while conveying as much of what happens in the recording as possible. When writing a score, one has to decide which elements are vital and need to be put on paper and which can be modified by the performer without altering the character of the piece.

It is impossible for a score to describe with precision the reality of music making, for a sketch to encompass the miraculous act of singing. It is also impossible to sing the same song twice in the same way. Notes on paper serve as memory aids, as something to hold on to while whirling in the joy of music.

Songs List:

Little Sea - Folk song from Skyros
Alexandris - Folk song from Skyros
Daughter are you asleep - Folk song from Eastern Romilia
Jasmin - Lyrics & music: Martha Mavroidi
Romanian Melody - Music: Vasile Pandelescu
Yerevan - Music: G. Ventouris / Lyrics: M. Mavroidi
Dafkos and Lefka - Lyrics & music: Martha Mavroidi
Haiku - Folk song of the African Pygmies
Crazy Rabbit - Lyrics & music: Martha Mavroidi
The Lover - Folk song from Crete
Garip - Music by Martha Mavroidi
Stani Pando - Lyrics & music: Martha Mavroidi
Moon - Texts by N.G. Pentzikis / Music by M. Mavroidi
Nursery rhyme - Traditional song, Kranidi in Argolis

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