Technical Voice Placement

Massino Julie
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"It is a moving experience to accompany Julie Massino and be witness to the feelings of love and admiration coming from the people who know her. But not everybody knows that she has devised her own teaching method of vocal technique which she has named "Technical Voice Placement."
In her own words: “my method has helped many successful artists, many students who want to learn to sing well or speak correctly, or even to overcome problems they have with their voice.”

This book contains the basic elements of the method: breathing technique and the technique for pronouncing vowels. The exercises are the heart of the method. Each exercise sets a different goal, which the student should reach, following the detailed instructions. The book comprises two DVDs and two CDs. On the DVDs Julie\'s teaching has been recorded live, while the CDs contain the exercises. In this way, the student is not left alone in the effort to master the technique of vocalising – there are now three assistants to help:

• the book with a creative layout describing the theory and the exercises
• Julie, live, teaching, on DVD, and
• takes the place of the teacher to help the student

The book furthermore contains the elementary basics of the vocal system, as well as advice on maintaining good health and voice flexibility. It could of course not omit a reference to Julie\'s life and career, especially helpful to aspiring singers, revealing how she discovered her talent, how she won her voice back and how she formed her dynamic personality.

Book & 2 cds & 2 dvds




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2η έκδοση 2017