Thesaurus of Musical Scales

Pirgiotis Dimitris
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2048 Scales

◦ Western Music Scales' ◦ Symmetrical Scales ◦ Jazz Scales ◦ Greek Music Scales ◦ Byzantines Scales ◦ Arab-Turkish Makam ◦ Tonal Harmony ◦ Neo-tonal Harmony ◦ Blues, Rock and Jazz Harmony ◦ a- tonal Harmony and the Twelve Tone Row.

“Thesaurus of Musical Scales will be the basic instrument to all that wish to know in essence the laws that organize music structure”. - Theodore Andoniou - Composer-Conductor - Professor at the University of Boston - President of the Greek Composers' Union

It is a well-known fact the distress and demand on the musician behalf to control and organize its material, especially the musical notes and its combinations. “Thesaurus of Musical Scales” gives this freedom to the musician. All the scales, all the possible combinations of the musical notes are here presented. The 2048 scales of our musical chord system are presented and classified according to the number of notes that constitute them (form), their interval vector, their set class, their type of schematization (category) and their symmetry. The only thing the musician has to do is to experiment, to select and to compose. However, the extension of the “Thesaurus” is not restricted to the transcription/music notation and juxtaposition of scales. It includes in the second part, in a resumed and objective way, the musical systems as combination of the music pitches defining music in our days: tonal harmony, Jazz, Greek traditional music, Byzantine music, Arab-Turkish makam, neo-tonal harmony and Greek tradition, a-tonal harmony and twelve tone row. It becomes then clear that the “Thesaurus” intends to be “the small encyclopedia of the music pitches”. It becomes this way a supporting instrument to study, analysis and composition.




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