Elements and Environments of Music

Tsetsos Markos
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The book is a philosophical introduction in musicology, examining a series of issues such as:

• What is the relation between music and time?
• How can we understand the concept of form in music?
• Why is music having such a significant impact on our emotions?
• What is the meaning of music and which is the nature of musical interpretation?
• How should we evaluate music?
• What is the relation between music, society, culture and human nature?

In all those fundamental questions which concern diachronically the musicological thought, this book attempts to give some initial answers, offering at the same time initiative for further study and inquiry. Written in a simple and accessible language, this book is being addressed not only to students, but also to those informed listeners, interested in the nature and social function of their beloved art.

A few words about the author:
Markos Tsetsos (b. 1968) holds a PhD in musicology and works as an Associate Professor in the Department of Music Studies, University of Athens. He is the author of the following books: Music in Modern Philosophy. From Kant to Adorno (ed. Alexandria, 2012); Nationalism and Populism in Greek Music. Political Aspects of a Cultural Divergence (Sakis Karagiorgas Foundation, 2011); Basic Methods of Instrumentation (Nicolaides, 2006); Will and Sound. The Metaphysics of Music in the Philosophy of Schopenhauer (Hestia, 2004). He has published the first annotated Greek translations of Hegel¢s The Aesthetics of Music (Hestia, 2002) and Hanslick¢s On the Beautiful in Music (Exandas, 2003). Since 1981 he is active as a guitarist and conductor, honored graduate of the State Conservatory \”Rimsky-Korsakov\” of St. Petersburg, Russia.




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