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Polykandriotis Thanasis
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Knowing the evolution of the bouzouki and its transtemporal meaning to young Greek musicians, the book-method of Thanasis Polykandriotis is a soulful offering to the young people who love this instrument. Following the tradition of Tsitsanis, Papaioannou, Chiotis, Zampetas and so many more who honored it, made it well-known and established it as the folk sound of Greece, Thanasis Polykandriotis, after his participation in concerts in '93 at the Athens Concert Hall and in '96 at the Odeon of Herod Atticus, now offers another contribution towards the upgrade and evolution of this Greek instrument with this book.

I wish that young "bouzouktsides" may discover it and take advantage of it to the fullest, so that genuine Greek folk music may be preserved and spread. Vasilis Vasilikos

To me, Thanasis Polykandriotis is a completely unique musician. He is possibly the only bouzouki player who in such a fanatic and dedicated way defends bouzouki as an instrument and tirelessly promotes and advertizes it. I cannot judge this method's value as an expert, but taking under consideration the love with which Thanasis Polykandriotis embraces anything that has to do with the bouzouki and folk music in general, this must be a great book.

Due to the fact that, originating from a folk musical family, Thanasis Polykandriotis thoroughly knows bouzouki's technique and music and since should someone wish to speak about the "Polykandriotides" (father, brother, etc.) they would have to say so much, I will limit myself to these few words and wish success for this work of his with all my heart. Nikos Mamagakis


  • Bouzouki' s anatomy
  • The correct position to play bouzouki
  • Bouzouki care
  • The staff - the notes
  • Accidentals (sharp - flat - natural) tone - semitone
  • Duration - measure
  • The strings of the bouzouki
  • Tuning
  • Becoming familiar with the notes
  • Technique exercises
  • Notes on the D string
  • Notes on the A string
  • Notes on the F string
  • Notes on the C string
  • Major scales
  • The C major scale
  • The F major scale
  • The G major scale
  • The B flat major scale
  • The D major scale
  • The E flat major scale
  • The A major scale
  • Natural minor scales
  • The A minor scale
  • The D minor scale exercises
  • The E minor scale
  • The G minor scale
  • The B minor scale
  • The C minor scale
  • The F sharp minor scale
  • The repetivive symbol
  • Technique exercise in 6/8
  • Exercise double pluck
  • Table of major scales
  • Table of minor scales
  • Technique exercise - riddle
  • Chords in 3 positions
  • Chord exercises (arpeggios)
  • A' position
  • B' position
  • C' position
  • 7th chords
  • Diminished chords
  • Diminished scales
  • Rhythmology
  • Folk modes
  • Observations on modes
  • Thirds - sixths
  • Hijaz mode
  • Houzam mode
  • Rast mode
  • Ousac mode
  • Harmonic minor mode
  • Niavent mode
  • Hijascar mode
  • Pireotikos mode
  • Giurdi mode
  • Sabah mode
  • Ta pires ola
  • Ta mazepsa ta pragmata
  • Zilevo - zilevo
  • Zilevo ta poulia
  • Ta vasana mou (giati thee mou i zoi)
  • Ke olo kleo

Φίλιππος Νάκας

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