Christmas songs +CD

Farazis Takis (transcription)
+ CD
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Our childhood's musical memories weave a very special thread for each one of us and recount our life story in a unique way. They are valuable and always of the current moment, with multiple functions throughout our lives. A primary role among these memories is played by the melodies of Christmas. The multitude of experiences they reflect, the breadth of the feelings they are capable of bringing to light, as well as their countless symbols have put them at the top of musical arrangements.

Their sound reverberates every year at Christmas time and signifies festivity.

Every year, musicians, teachers and interpreters alike seek to reproduce this same material, identifying with it and lending a personal stamp of their own in an attempt to approach Christmas music with objectives artistic, educational, recreational or even, and why not, therapeutic.

Twenty versions for piano of well-known Christmas carols are presented here, the edition accompanied by a CD recording. The publication covers a considerable breadth of musical requisites, from simple arrangements for early musical levels up to more composite and demanding ones, both of technique as well as of expression. Thus, in several instances the same song is presented in two different ways to be played either on its own or in continuity, making for greater diversity in the density and dynamics of the piece.

I hope that this book will offer you the opportunity to be carried off to a thrilling Christmas adventure, encourage you to seek your own expressive identity by developing and drawing on the ideas you will come across, give those close to you moments of joy, enthusiasm and emotion, and prompt you to creatively interact with the magic of Christmas.

Takis Farazis



English, Greek

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