Music in Greek Salons of the 19th Century

Xepapadakou AyraΧαρκιολάκης Αλέξανδρος
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Interspersed with Musical Entertainment

The subject matter of the present book is the music of the salon, a frequently mil ^understood institution that came into its own in the early nineteenth century as a key component of formalized sociability. The salon embraced a diversity of activities [...] and a diversity of social groups, from bourgeois soirees to dazzling aristocratic gatherings where the most famous personalities of the day would assemble. But common to most was music [...].
This book illuminates one comer of a larger story of musical patronage that extends from the early nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries, a story in which women really do occupy centre stage.
[...] The anthology provided here helps to restore something of the immediacy of musical practices that are "of their time" and "of their place". It constitutes an act of recovery, and it makes concrete the 'little stories' of multiple Hellenic cultures relayed by our authors. [...]
The great virtue of this volume by Avra Xepapadakou and Alexandros Charkiolakis is that it allows us to see around the edges of familiar, canonised portraits of music, musicians, and music-making. It takes us backstage.


Foreword by Jim Samson
Part I
Avra Xepapadakou
Music in Greek Salons of the 19th Century
The Greek 19th Century
The Phanariot Environment and Eastern Europeanization
The Ionian Islands Before and After the National Independence
The Independent Greek State
Hermoupolis and Patras
Salon Music Through the Greek Prism
Causes and Constituents: Some Considerations
Locations and Occasions of Events
Performers and Participants
The Repertoire
The Role of Periodicals
Salon Musical Instruments
Part II
Alexandros Charkiolakis
A Selection of Salon Music Pieces
Selection of Pieces
About the Sources
1. Alexander Katakuzenos [Αλέξανδρος Κατακουζηνός] (1824-1892) Ἐνθυμοῦ [Remember]
2. Napoleon Lambelet [Ναπολέων Λαμπελέτ] (1864-1932) Ἄνοιξις [Spring]
3. Gerasimos D. Vothrondos [Γεράσιμος Δ. Βοθρωντός] (1863-1898) Μέμνησο [Remember]
4. Pavlos (Paolo) Carrer [Παύλος Καρρέρ] (1829-1896) Δυῳδία ἀπὸ τὸν “Κόντε Σπουργίτη” [Duet from “Count Sparrow”]
5. Timotheos Xanthopoulos [Τιμόθεος Ξανθόπουλος] (1864?-1942) Εἰς λεύκωμα Σμυρναίας [For a Smyrnean Lady’s Album]
6. Christos Gerakis [Χρήστος Γεράκης] (1863-1890) Sur la plage [On the Beach]
7. Napoleon Lambelet [Ναπολέων Λαμπελέτ] (1864-1932) Μενουέτο “Τὸ Ἄστυ” [“The City” Minuet]
8. Spyridon Xyndas [Σπυρίδων Ξύνδας] (1817-1896) Νάνι νάνι [Lullaby]
9. Adamantios Remantas [Αδαμάντιος Ρεμαντάς] Mazurka
10. Dionysios Lavrangas [Διονύσιος Λαυράγκας] (1860-1941) Ἡ λύρα μου [My Lyre]
11. Raffaele Parisini [Ραφαήλ Παριζίνης] (1820-1875) Polka-mazurka “Γαλαξείδιον” [Polka-mazurka “Galaxeidion”]
12. Pavlos (Paolo) Carrer [Παύλος Καρρέρ] (1829-1896) Κωνσταντῖνος-Σοφία [Konstantinos and Sophia]
13. Kimon Bellas [Κίμων Μπέλλας] Ἑλληνικὸς τετράχορος [Greek Quadrilles]
14. P. G. Phaedros [Γ. Π. Φαίδρος] Στὴ ματιά της [Her Eyes]
15. Spyridon Samaras [Σπυρίδων Σαμάρας] (1861-1917) Two excerpts from Medgè
Appendix Ι - Transliteration Key
Appendix II - Original Scores


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