The Classical Guitar journal

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“The Classical Guitar Journal” is an exemplary work in the canon of guitar technique books. It is unique in that it offers a comprehensive course in the study of guitar technique allied with a parallel development of the understanding of music. It is refreshing to find a book that also places emphasis on understanding harmony as well as music in general. The book is flexible enough to be used as a self-contained technique course in degree programmes or as a stand-alone technique book which can be dipped into for both challenge and inspiration. I believe that any student who carefully studies this work will benefit tremendously in the development of technique as well as musicality. I commend the work very highly for its effectiveness and originality. I believe that internationally it will become a standard in the literature of guitar technique.
John Feeley

Even after the 21st century, the development of guitar music will not stop. New guitar music using various usages, various innovative techniques is being created around the world. In such a modern age, many of the methods written in the 19th and 20th century are not very useful.
Pavlos Kanellakis’ “The Classical Guitar Journal” is perfect method for new era performance techniques. In his book, a number of exercises and studies that are truly necessary for musical expression are explained in a logical and easy-to-understand manner. I strongly recommend this book, not only to guitar learners, but also to all guitar professionals.
Shin-ichi Fukuda

“Τhe Classical Guitar Journal“ provides aims that all methods ought to be able to share with the guitar students who attempt to follow their dictates. I am sure that guitarists of all levels will discover a most valuable awareness in themselves, once the directions included here will be followed, understood and absorbed by them and they will greatly benefit from the contribution of the Guitar Journal to the didactic quality of the guitar learning available literature.
Oscar Ghiglia

What an interesting book! After having studied from, or gone through so many guitar technique books, I was pleasantly surprised to find many interesting types of exercises, some for easy or intermediate level, some even very difficult, thus they can help all levels of guitarists. And what I like the most, is that in many ways, they teach music interpretation and not only how to move our fingers! Thank you Pavlos Kanellakis, I will include your book in my daily practice!
Elena Papandreou

“The Classical Guitar Journal” is a superb and magnificent publication, beautifully produced and expertly put together. It`s a real achievement and I do hope it reaches a wide audience. Congratulations on a first-class publication full of technical wisdom and marvelous ideas for improving guitar techniques.
Graham Wade

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