Fantasia trio

Eroles Carles
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For Flute, Clarinet in Bb and Guitar (per a flauta, clarinet en sib i guitarra)

Fantasia Trio is a relatively short piece, written entirely using modal scales (dorian, lydian, etc.). It is structured in three sections, A-B-A’ and a short coda. The B section is also structured in three parts.

The piece begins with dolce arpeggiato chords on the guitar accompaning the short melodic motifs of the flute, it is then answered by the clarinet in a similar manner with counterpointing lines on the guitar.

The three instruments arrive to the B section, where we can note, as mentioned above, two differents parts; the initial part is characteristized by rhythmic chords on the guitar with a harmonic top note. It is a misterious, indefinite part that drives to the second part of this B section, the most stressful of the whole piece, and with longer notes on the wind instruments, while the guitar plays quick arpeggios. The music retuns to the first part of the B section in a different modal note; after a little cadence on the guitar the piece returns to the initial A section through the same harmony, but in a higher pitch.

The piece breathes in general an ethereal atmosphere where the three instruments develop their own free discourses.
Carles M. Eroles

This work received the third prize at the 1st International Guitar Composition Competition (2016) of the 33rd International Guitar Festival of Volos.

Members of the jury was: Theodore Antoniou (composer, conductor), Costas Cotsiolis (guitarist, founder of the Festival), Leonidas Kanaris (composer, guitarist), Apostolos Paraskevas (composer, guitarist), Dimitris Kotronakis (guitarist, musicologist).


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