Early start on the cello volume 1

Sassmannshaus EgonSassmannshaus Kurt
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A cello method for children age four and older

Being a large instrument, the cello makes a lasting impression on many small children, frequently leading to a lifelong rapport. “Früher Anfang auf dem Cello” – the 'Cello Sassmannshaus' – was developed specifically to make proper musical and technical progress on this special instrument. It transfers the principles and experience gained from the violin tutor in order to ensure quick success.

After beginning with open strings and simple note values, learners become acquainted with the 'cuckoo call' (minor 3rd) as a basic interval for guidance purposes and for mastering good intonation. Volume 1 makes use of nursery rhymes, all of which are supplied with words to ensure that the melody lines can be easily grasped as a whole. Then the third, first and fourth fingers are successively introduced, as are accidentals and note values from the whole note (semibreve) to the eighth note (quaver). From the very beginning the volume places a special emphasis on reading musical notation and offers training in moving from one string to another and basic bowing strokes. Large print and delightful colour illustrations make the volume especially appealing to children. Enclosed is a sheet of cut-out musical cards that allow young learners to invent many puzzle and guessing games and later to master scales and pitch names.


  • Preface
  • Note Values And Symbols
  • Open Strings
  • String Crossing
  • The "Cuckoo's Third" With The Third Finger
  • The Triad
  • The First Finger
  • String Crossings And Fingerings On Different Strings
  • The Fourth Finger
  • Accidentals
  • Scales On Two Strings
  • More Exercises, Songs And Stroke Patterns
  • New Stroke Patterns
  • Slurred Notes
  • The Portato Stroke



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