Music as medicine – the healing powers of sound

Depression, colds, anxiety – can they be cured by music? In Eastern cultures this has long been accepted. Should the West adapt its thinking?

What healing powers does music have? Can sound help to cure illness? It seems music does have healing potential and great importance is placed on it, especially in Eastern cultures. But here in the Western world the idea faces more skepticism. But that seems to be changing.

Sound may not be able to heal serious illnesses but even Western medicine now accepts that body and soul must go hand in hand if a cure is to succeed. In Turkey, music has played an essential role in the world of medicine for centuries. In Japan, the soothing sound of a flute is said to have healing properties while here in Europe we discuss which composer is best heard when it comes to healing the sick: Bach, Schubert or Mozart? This documentary is a film about intense listening, sounds that maybe have never been heard before and the subtle perception of quiet overtones.