Rebetiko Theory and Repertoire with Evgenios Voulgaris

Friday January 8th at 19:00
Organized by Labyrinth Online

This course will cover the presentation of pre-war rebetikο. We will analyze the characteristic musical idioms and performance techniques that define this period, focusing on the melodic aspects and modes of rebetiko, and how to apply these to the commonly used instruments (i.e. bouzouki, oud, santur, violin, vocals).
This course is for students who have enough technical ability on their instrument that they will be able to direct their focus to the more nuanced aspects of rebetiko style, scales, and repertoire taught in this course. We will study the Hicaz and Saba makams, as well as improvisation (taksim) in these modes, and play pieces from the pre-war rebetiko repertoire. At the end of this course, students should expect to have an understanding of the idiomatic subtleties that define this style, and the skill set to move forward with it.
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